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Satisfied Customers

I’ve brought two of my cars to Jeremy and he’s done nothing but quality work. My tints looks amazing and last, highly recommend
— Nicole Ramirez 8/2017
I’ve had the most splendid experience with JMG tints. Jeromy, the owner, tinted both my sedans and tail lights. One of the few people who took the challenge of tinting my tail lights. I couldn’t be more than pleased with the end results. You can tell the work is extremely detailed and precise. Definitely recommend him to anybody in need of these services!
— Andres Manrique 8/2017
By far a quality experience. You can never pay enough for quality and a great experience. Jeromy takes his time and pays attention to EVERY detail and is not afraid to do it over just to get it perfect for the customer. If quality plus an amazing experience is what you’re looking for, JMG tint is definitely the way to go, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
— Andre Martinez 8/2017
Jeremy did a perfect job tinting my Honda, Thx Jeremy looks great!
— Carol Garcia 8/17
Excellent job on the tints, Jeromy took his time and made sure everything was perfect and clean at the end. Great guy and very passionate at this. Great prices and cool location. Literally got everyone I know going to this place because of the great job he does. FIVE STARS!!! TOP NOTCH!! Thanks bro.
— Diego Achata 7/17
Definitely would recommend going to him. Everything was done in a timely and efficient fashion. Great price and awesome customer service. Did my 2015 Dodge Dart and I couldn’t be more impressed and satisfied with the final product.
— Sheldon Williams 7/17
Tints on point no bubbles Anywhere also great customer service
— Matt Johnson 7/16
He does a GREAT job.....not one little bubble in my car. Fast and very professional! Thanks Jeromy
— Maria Hernandez 7/16