AutoMotive Window tinting

JMG specializes in tinting for all makes and models of cars. Many dealers offer a variety of low quality films such as standard. We at JMG Tint only offer the highest quality of films. Such as Carbon and ceramic films. if its not just the quailty of film your looking for we also use name brands such as 3M. Our Carbon films come with a 10 year warranty and our 3m films come with lifetime warranty. Call to find out which film is best suited to your needs.

Residential Window Tint

JMG Tint also provides window tinting for private homes and businesses. Window tinting is an inexpensive way to add safety and privacy to any car, home or business. 

Window tints can reduce the heat entering the home which will help prevent UV rays, fading on drapes and carpets, cracking on leather furniture.

House window tints can provide excellent privacy during the day as well as reduce the cost of electricity. Since tints can keep the house cooler your a/c wont have to work as hard to maintain temperature which can result in big savings!






paint Protection Film

We are able to apply paint protection to all types of vehicles. Paint protection is a Thermoplastic Urethane Film that is applied to new or used cars in order to maintain the vehicle at its peek, protecting the paint from minor abrasions, stone chips and bug splatters. 

3M Paint Protection is JMG's first choice. We are certified 3M Installers and top in the Pembroke Pines area by 3M as listed on their website. Why is 3M so great?  This is the NASCAR's first choice and manufacturers all over the world are using it.